Allen & Health Zed 16fx Mixer

DuoPre XLR Microphone preamps, including 48V Phantom power for condenser microphones and up to 69dB of gain. Each preamp uses two gain stages to provide a full and accurate sound across the entire gain range with enough power for even the most gain hungry mics. A 100Hz High Pass Filter on every mono input allows unneeded low frequencies to be removed, then the 3-band MusiQ EQ with swept mid frequency uses carefully selected frequencies to ensure your sound sculpting is always musical. Cut or boost highs and lows with shelving EQ and use the mid frequency selection to choose exactly where to adjust the mid frequencies, especially useful for vocals, guitar and other instruments with a rich mid-range. A built-in, studio quality multi-FX unit provides 16 different, tweakable FX types including reverbs, delays and modulation with tap tempo to keep everything in time. These are not your average compact mixer FX either, using algorithms developed entirely in-house by our DSP experts rather than an ‘off-the-shelf’ chip. A routable stereo-in stereo-out USB connection makes it easy to record the whole main mix or just the channels you need and enables a stereo return from the connected device to be routed back to the mix. It’s also class compliant and does not require drivers, meaning not just Mac and Windows computers can be connected, but also many mobile devices such as tablets or even smart phones. Optional rack ear kit [ZED1802-RK19] securely fits the mixer into a standard 19” rack or flight case. 10 Mic, 10 Line/ Inst, 3 Stereo (2 Left, 2 Righ), 2 USB Audio, 1 FX Return.