Gamma Starburst Versa 18x30w

The Starburst Versa is a unique LED bar that can be configured in a variety of ways. Equipped with (18) 30 watt LED’s, RGBWA+UV (6IN1) color mixing, and 4 different Lens options (10º/12º/25º/40º). What makes this fixture truly unique is the accessories that can be added to the fixture. 2 Piece quick release pins/ Omega Brackets/ Base Plate/ Vertical Adapter. What this allows is for a variety of different connecting systems such as: Vertical Installation on the floor with the Base Plate (Up to 3 units high) Hanging Vertical Installation “Dropped” with a vertical adapter Horizontal Structural connection with the quick release pins Horizontal Hanging with the Omega brackets Horizontal Installation on the floor with the tilt brackets The Starburst Versa can also have a diffusion filter added in front of the lens to create an even smoother wash effect. Pixel mapping capabilities along with powerful LED’s can fulfill your creative designs with its convenient and versatile abilities.