Rotary Theatre

What is Rotary Theatre: 

The Rotary Theatre in Visalia, California, has a rich history and has served as a cornerstone for community performances and events. Built during the Great Depression in the art deco style, it was originally part of what was then Sierra Vista Elementary School. The venue was revitalized and dedicated as Rotary Theatre in April 1987, marking a successful partnership among local service clubs, civic organizations, private businesses, and the community. This effort was led by the Rotary Clubs of Visalia, highlighting their commitment to preserving this community treasure. Over the years, the theatre has hosted a variety of events, including scholarship ceremonies, diploma presentations, community theater, and dance productions, playing a pivotal role in the cultural life of Visalia.

The problem they had:

Recent efforts to restore and enhance the Rotary Theatre have been significant. In 2021, marking 100 years of Rotary Service in Visalia, the Rotary Clubs led a comprehensive revitalization project. This project included new theater seating, flooring, lighting, and the installation of a new electronic sign among other upgrades. These enhancements were aimed at restoring the sparkle to the Rotary Theatre and ensuring its continued status as a cherished venue for the community. The rehabilitation efforts included the installation of new LED stage lighting to enhance performances and simplify maintenance, as well as converting classrooms into backstage dressing rooms. These efforts were part of a broader initiative to maintain the theatre’s legacy while accommodating modern performance need.

Our solution and what we did:

NTM was selected for their expertise in technological enhancements and their commitment to excellence in performance spaces. Tasked with consulting and overseeing the installation of new LED lighting systems, NTM played a pivotal role in transforming the Rotary Theatre into a state-of-the-art venue. This upgrade not only significantly enhanced the visual experience for all performances but also introduced a level of flexibility and control previously unattainable with the old lighting system. The new LED lighting, known for its energy efficiency and superior light quality, has allowed for more dynamic, creative, and immersive theatrical presentations, elevating the audience’s experience to new heights. Moreover, this upgrade aligns with modern sustainability standards, reducing the theatre’s carbon footprint and operational costs. NTM’s involvement ensured that the project was executed with precision, incorporating the latest in lighting technology to illuminate the theatre’s future.


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